The Mystic Jammers The Mystic Jammers are a colorful Reggae act. The Mystic Jammers are a High-Powered Reggae band. Mystic Jammers are great at any venue. Here they are at the Marriott Hotel The group features Lon E Plynton on bass and vocals Amirah Nuriddin on vocals Tony Blackett on keyboards and vocals John Booth on guitar Becky Bass on steel drum and vocals. Jared Williams on the drums. The Jammers are great at weddings. Or large concert venues. We feature Steel Drums and acoustic guitar for smaller events and cocktail hours. We offer solo acoustic guitar with vocals and music lessons. It is a great night when the Mystic Jammers appear in your area. 30 years of experience and quality reinforce every performance. And the Mystic Jammers are still having fun, every jam. Salat Selah -the new Release from Mystic Jammers available at CD Baby Mystic Jammers Live at the New England Reggae Festival is available on iTunes and Spotify. Niya - Lon E Plynton with Mystic Jammers available on iTunes Mystic Jammers - Step Out on iTunes Super powered Reggae Becky Bass Music with meaning! Amirah Featuring exceptional guitar. Mystic Jammers in concert are an exciting adventure Mystic Jammers - Step Out on iTunes American Roots Reggae Download or stream the Mystic Jammers Like Mystic Jammers on facebook Hire the Mystic Jammers Lioneye Productions